Script Writing for Video Production


Script writing for a video is extremely important to consider when it comes to video production. It is a service offered by Digital Distinct in Bangkok, and something you need to put a lot of thought into. Therefore, it will help to have some ideas of what to consider when it comes to writing the script for your video production.

One thing you want to make sure you do when it comes to writing the script for a video production is make sure you get the message you want across to the potential viewers within the first 10 seconds of the video. In this day and age, it is not likely that many people will have the patience to sit around and wait for your video to deliver its message, and will probably give up and move on to something else if they feel your video is wasting their time. By getting the message to them quickly, you can get what you need to them quickly, so even if they do end up moving on to something else before watching your whole video, you would have delivered the important part to them before they left. Meanwhile, if you get your message to them quickly, they may become more interested in what you are saying and will stick around for the entire video. It might be tempting to try to make potential customers wait until the end to get the message of your video to try and ensure they stick around, but it's not worth the risk of them losing patience and moving on.

After getting the key message of your video across early on, use the middle part of the script to show how you intend to support the key message. Show how you will deliver on the promise made by the key message, and how this will be of benefit to potential customers. Remember, you want the early part of the video to hook potential customers in and get them to stick around to hear your entire message. Once you've accomplished that, you need your message to be something worth sticking around for. Otherwise, you might risk losing them. By showing them how you intend to deliver on your key message and how it benefits them, not only can you get them to stick around and listen to your entire message, but you can further interest them in your product.

Something else you want to make sure write into the script is action you want potential customers to take. Such examples include encouraging them to call a number to find out more information, or encouraging them to visit a website, or encouraging them to visit you at a booth if you're going to be at a convention, or something else along those lines. In addition, you'll probably want to tell them to take this action a few times over the course of the video to give them a greater chance of getting that information into their heads, which will increase the chance of them actually taking the action you want them to take. You should hold off on telling them to take any action until the main message of the video has been delivered, but once it has, go ahead and tell them.