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TH-How Cutting Edge Technologies Are Changing The Face Of Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic surgery was once very much a case of ‘going under the knife’ and while you may experience good results, the recovery process was long and sometimes painful. As always, new technology has come to save the day and ensure patients no longer have to suffer the scars of invasive surgery.
For example, there is a new skin-tightening device available which removes the need for a scalpel and takes hours off time under anaesthetic not to mention the rapid reduction in recovery time. If you look for cosmetic surgery in Thailand for example, you will find that incisions are smaller and fewer with processes geared towards those who want surgery but are squeamish.

The Cost Of Technology
Obviously, patients will have to pay for the cost of these new technologies in the form of hefty price tags for procedures. For example, a facelift using a special new device in New York can cost up to $35,000. If you want your face re-sculpted using lasers in the same location, get ready to pay up to $11,000 for a day’s treatment.
There is also a non-surgical liposuction option called Lipsonix. It has been called ‘the new kid on the block’ when it comes to melting fat and re-sculpting the body. It involves a non-surgical approach where a high-density focus ultrasound melts away fat through heat. This new technology is also capable of tightening tissue beneath the skin for an effective facelift. As the ultrasound can deliver heat very deep, the results can be remarkable.

Fighting The Aging Process
Despite the incredible advances in humankind, we are still unable to defeat the aging process though we are going a way towards slowing it down. The world’s top cosmetic surgeons believe we do not need to age gracefully and should use whatever technology we have at our disposal to fight against it.
In certain clinics, surgeons combine ultrasound with fillers which may involve a combo such as Botox and laser smoothing for example. This allows the surgeon to be more creative and allow him/her to provide patients with the best possible results. The aforementioned combination costs $11,000 so be sure you have deep pockets!

Does Technology Have To Be Expensive?
The cost of technology in the Western world has prompted many people to travel overseas to locations like Thailand where they can get cosmetic surgery for less than half the price. Medical tourism as it’s called has escalated in popularity and while the price is a huge factor, the quality of services available is equally important.

Clinics in Thailand for example are embracing new cosmetic surgery technologies so patients benefit from cutting edge procedures using brand new equipment. Less invasive procedures are possible and the result is a major reduction in recovery times and pain felt by patients. The advent of medical tourism ensures you can have your cake and eat it when it comes to enjoying the fruits of new technology in cosmetic surgery. The era of cutting with scalpels is coming to a close as technology takes over the industry.

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