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KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand, are used to new students attending their school their school through the year. When parents get to hear about what KIS has to offer, they enrol their children here, believing in a bright future for their children at an international school Bangkok.


During the first term, there is an orientation session for all new secondary-school children which are run by the Student Council. Any primary school children join a club called the Newcomers Club, meeting a few times in the first few weeks of school. New students get assigned a buddy so that a new child never feels lost or left out. Teachers and counsellors are always on the lookout for the new students, and other students are encouraged to welcome new children, making them feel at home straight away. Sometimes a new student will battle a little to settle in, but the counsellors will give them all the support necessary. The teachers already have all the background details and information about new students before they start at the school, so they are already clued up on the new student, preparing ahead for their arrival into a new classroom. Sometimes it is not always easy for someone to settle in as quickly as others.


Many of the students at KIS are of Thai nationality whilst around 55% are from many different countries from all over the world. A lot of teacher and students have lived in many countries and some of these hold a couple passports.


A great fit

At KIS International School, all the graduates will be involved in the IB Diploma, or International Baccalaureate Diploma. Most of the pass rates rank way over the world-averages. It’s no wonder, with such a robust academic programme and excellent teaching methods and teachers, the past couple of years have seen this school produce 100% pass rates. All teachers at KIS hold education degrees, many having Master’s degrees. KIS teachers are also trained by International Baccalaureate, participating regularly in professional development opportunities. Many of the staff hold leadership positions in the International Baccalaureate.


If KIS can offer a student what they need to make a success of their school career through their regular programming, they do it with flying colours.